Keolis Expands Footprint, Awarded MBTA Parking Contract

MBTA board votes unanimously to award contract to operate and maintain 101 parking facilities beginning April 1, 2022


BOSTON – February 24, 2022 -

The MBTA Board of Directors today voted unanimously to award the contract for operating and maintaining 91 surface parking lots and 10 parking garages owned by the MBTA to Keolis Commuter Services (Keolis). Keolis, the MBTA’s operating partner for commuter rail, was the selection committee’s recommended vendor following evaluation of technical proposals and financial submittals from 5 vendors including Keolis. Nearly 75 percent of the parking facilities are located on the commuter rail network which is already operated and maintained by Keolis.

“Expanding on our commuter rail operations to further serve MBTA riders who park at stations will enable us to improve passengers’ experience for their entire journey from the moment they arrive at their station,” stated Keolis CEO Abdellah Chajai. “We welcome this opportunity to leverage our multi-modal expertise and strengthen our partnership with the MBTA to deliver further efficiencies and an improved customer experience.”

Keolis was chosen as the best value from both the price and technical perspectives, receiving the highest technical score combined with the second lowest submitted cost. Keolis has developed a strong start up plan and has committed spending $500,000 annually to Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs). The MBTA cited Keolis’ experience with similar sized commuter parking contracts as a key driver in the bid recommendation.

Through its French subsidiary EFFIA, Keolis manages more than 650 parking facilities across 247 towns in France and Belgium, including park and rides and electric charging stations. Keolis and EFFIA are the number one operator of train station car parks in France.

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